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Corporate training for Forklift, Crane, Dogging & Rigging tickets

All Class Training offer the very best training facilities in Newcastle and the Hunter Region. We specialise in offering training and certification for the following tickets:



Our team of trainers can help your business in certifying employees - our courses are cost effective and delivered by certified trainers. We are a Registered Training Organisation so you know your business is getting high-quality trainers, to match our facilities.


Your employees will train with real equipment after theory training, so they have onsite experience managing the equipment and have a thorough understanding of what they need to do safely. We have worked with hundreds of companies over the years to provide their employees with the training they need to do the job safely. Our trainers go through all the relevant course documentation, to ensure everyone understands the theory before diving into the practical elements of the course.


Our facilities exceed industry standard, so you can be assured your staff are achieving certification and experience in the most realistic way possible.


Contact the team at All Class Training today for more information on the courses we offer.


Frequently Asked Questions about our Courses

Do you need a HRWL to move an EWP?

You can move the EWP without a HRWL but you cannot elevate it.


Do you need a DG HRWL for a bridge or gantry crane? 

A Dogging High Risk Work Licence is required by:

- Any person other than a licensed bridge or gantry crane operator, who exercises judgement in the estimation of a load or selection of the slinging methods and lifting equipment when slinging a load on any bridge or gantry crane. - Any person who directs any bridge or gantry crane operator in the movement of the load where the load is out of view of the crane operator.


Will the C6 HRWL cover the C2, CN & CV 2020?

The short answer is yes. C6 incorporates C2, CN & CV classes.


Do you need HRWL for Hi-AB?

You need a HRWL for all vehicle loading cranes with a lifting capacity of 10 metre tones or greater.
The formula for ascertaining ten (10) metre tonnes is:


MULTIPLY THE SWL x THE WORKING RADIUS FOR THAT SWL= METRE TONNES From the centre line of slew to the centre line of hook.


This calculation must be done for each safe working load (SWL) on the load chart. If any one calculation amounts to 10 metre tonnes lifting capacity or greater, the crane operator will require the appropriate High Risk Work Licence.


Do I need s High Risk Work Licence to operate a Telehandler?

For non-slewing telehandlers in NSW, you will need to show competency (eg Statement of Attainment RIIHAN309E Conduct telescopic materials handler operations) if fitted with fixed or rotating forks, earthmoving bucket or other attachments except when fitted with a crane jib or hook or fitted with a work platform (where telehandler boom length exceeds 11m).


Where the telhandler is fitted with either a jib or a hook a CN HRWL is required and where a work platform is attached, you will need a WP class HRWL.

For slewing telehandlers you will need the appropriate crane HRWL for the capacity of the telehandler (C2/C6/C1/CO) regardless of the attachment.


Do you need a dogging HRWL to do a crane course?

From 1 May 2020, yes you will. Until that date you do not need a dogging HRWL. All Staff Trainng will continue to offer the existing version of the unit of competency until the end of April.


This means you will not require a Dogging HRWL to undertake the course.


Are there any other pre-requisites for enrolling in a C1 or C0 course?

Apart from requiring a dogging HRW Licence, you will also need to hold a C6 HRWL and provide evidence of at least two years operational experience.


Is there anything we can do before attending the course that will make it easier for me?

All Class Training sends out pre-course study material for you to complete before attending the course. This will provide background information as well as giving examples of the types of questions you will need to complete in your assessment.


My HRWL has expired. Do I need to undertake training again?

If your HRW Licence has expired within the last twelve months, you can renew it without attending a training course. If your licence expired more than 12 months ago, then 'ye' you must attend trainng and be re-assessed.


What forms of evidence of identity can I provide to be assessed for a HRW Licence?

You will need to provide 100 points of evidence. The combination of evidence of identity must contain your date of birth, current residential address (NSW), photograph and signature.


A typical combination may include a Passport (70 points), current Australian driver's licence or current HRW Licence (40 points each), Medicare card, Utility bill or bank card / statement (all 25 points each) other forms of identification may be acceptable.


What's involved in a HRW Licence assessment?

You will need to undetake a practical assessment as well as a theory and maths assessment. Both the theory and maths assessments will be closed-book assessments.


Do I need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number to enrol on a course?

You will need a USI to enrol on any Nationally Accredited Course. If you do not have one or cannot remember your number, visit to create or find your USI.