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Tadano ATF 40G-2 Cranes


Having a licence to use cranes is a highly attractive skill to have for jobs in both the transport and construction industries.


Workers use cranes to lift, lower and move heavy materials from one spot on a construction site to another. They’re most commonly controlled by an operator who sits inside the cab of the crane. However, in some instances, a crane can be controlled by a push button pendant control station.


At All Class Training, we are equipped with the All Terrain Tadano ATF 40G-2 crane. This rough terrain type of crane is versatile and ideal for many off-road, uneven, dirt and rocky terrains.  


The ATF 40G-2 crane has highway speed capacity and maneuverability. The all-wheel steering feature makes the crane perfect for a confined work site. The outriggers on the crane extend vertically allowing the crane to level and stabilise when hoisting.


Thinking of using an ATF 40G-2 crane for your next project? Here’s an overview of the most commonly asked crane specifications:


Maximum lifting capacity

40t x 2.5 m

Maximum lifting height

35.5 m

Maximum sheave height

47 m

Maximum load radius

32 m

Boom Length

10.45 m - 35.2 m

Boom extension

9 m


Mercedes (Euromot III A / EPA III) 205 kW (279 HP)

Gearing mechanism

ZF Powershift transmission


4 x 4 x 4


Want a more detailed crane specification explainer?


Read the Tadano All Terrain Crane PDP manufacturer specifications sheet for the technical details.


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