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High Risk Licence Renewal NSW: How Long Does It Last?

work licences are the bread and butter for everyone working in the construction industry. Whether you’re operating a crane or forklift, you need to know the basics of a work licence.


Read on and learn all about work licences and where you can use it.


How do I get a work licence?


You must be trained by a Registered Training Organisation and assessed by a WorkSafe Registered Assessor in order to receive a work licence. If you have passed, your training provider will provide you with the paperwork you need. You can submit this paperwork to any Australia Post outlet.


Note: There are only three requirements which you must have in order to obtain a work licence. These are:

These are:

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • You must be able to speak English to a standard where you can communicate in a situation
  • You must pass the test from the RTO

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What can I use my work licence for?


In NSW you must have a work licence if you want to operate a forklift. It must be noted that as you add extra classes to your licence (ie. Forklift, Dogging etc) the expiry date still remains the same for all classes. A person requires a Work Licence to perform:


  • Cranes
    • Bridge and gantry cranes
    • Derrick cranes
    • mobile cranes greater than three tonnes capacity
    • Portal boom cranes
    • tower cranes
    • Slewing mobile cranes
    • Tower cranes
    • Vehicle loading cranes.
    • Concrete placing booms
  • Dogging, rigging and scaffolding
    • Basic, intermediate and advanced rigging
    • Basic, intermediate and advanced scaffolding
  • Forklifts
    • A forklift truck equipped with a mast and an elevating load carriage with a pair of fork arms or other attachment (class LF)
    • An order picking forklift truck where the operator's control elevates with the load carriage/lifting media (class LO)
  • Hoists
    • Boom-type elevating work platform
    • Materials hoist
    • Personnel and material hoists
  • Pressure equipment
    • Reciprocating steam engine (ES)
    • Turbine (TO)
    • Standard boiler (BS)
    • Advanced boiler (BA)
  • Reach
    • A reach stacker incorporates an attachment for lifting, moving and travelling with a shipping container, but does not include a crane.

How long does a work licence last?


A licence is valid for five years. You will receive a notification if your licence is about to expire, at which point you can lodge a renewal. Your renewal papers will be sent to your address prior to the licence expiring. You simply need to fill them in and drop them off at your local Australia Post outlet.


What happens if my work licence expires?


If your licence expires you are no longer able to conduct the work.


You have 12 months from the expiry date to then renew the licence. If you do not renew it within this time frame you will need to be retrained and assessed and an exemption must be obtained from SafeWork NSW by the registered training organisation conducting your training.


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