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How to Get A Forklift Job With No Experience

Looking for a job in any industry is tough. Writing a resume, a cover letter and figuring out your interview strategy is daunting. Job ads can be really vague and brief. Knowing what employers want can be of a mind game for job applicants - you never know exactly what level of experience or qualifications you need, or the skills you need to demonstrate. We want to make the process of finding a forklift job easier for you, so we’ve found a couple of key requirements from employers.

#1. A Forklift licence to operate a forklift


To operate a forklift legally you are required to hold a current work forklift licence.


At All Class this is done as a course including assessment. The courses are run weekly and the trainers at All Class are able to guide you through the process with care and professionalism.


Check out our information on our Newcastle Forklift Licence Training course and you can take the first step in building your career as a Forklift operator.


Qualifying for your forklift driver’s licence will help you get your foot in the door of any organisation who requires a forklift operator.


#2. Experience in the industry


Even if it’s as simple as a couple of months working in a distribution warehouse, any experience in organisations with operating forklifts will give you an advantage over others going for the same job.


Fortunately, when you are training for your forklift operator licence, you will be taught how to safely operate a forklift.


You can always build on this beginner’s experience by looking for simple entry level jobs - this also shows your potential employers your initiative, which is a huge added bonus.


#3. Have the right attitude


Employers love employees who can communicate effectively, and are happy to be working hard. Prove you’re the employee for the job by doing some research into the company and make sure you ask a few informed questions in the interview process.


Asking questions shows your potential employers you’re prepared and keen to learn more about the business.


Don’t forget - when it comes to interviews there are a few things employers look for in an interviewee:

  • Knowing what they want in their career
  • The ability to point to other successes in life (outside of work)
  • An understanding of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Proof of independent thinking
  • An ability to solve problems
  • Ambition
  • Proactivity
  • Willingness to learn
  • A goal-oriented approach
  • Teamwork skills
  • A sense of responsibility and ownership over work


Jot down a few incidents and stories in your life (or any specific work experience situations) where you have been able to demonstrate these values.


Having these stories written down will help you answer questions in your job interview. Don’t worry about glancing at your notes as a trigger. You’re not being assessed on your ability to memorise key speaking points!


Your potential employer will be happy to see you’ve put in the hard yards to prepare properly for the interview.


Looking for a forklift job?


Are you having trouble finding a job in the industry? Check out the links below and find your next job as a forklift operator.



Contact All Class Training today and kick start your career by completing our certified Forklift training course. All Class Training service Newcastle and The Hunter.


Image : Pixabay